What is PureTones?

PureTones is a musical exploration to create overtone envelopes with mutually consonant musical scales. It uses an envelope of finely tuned overtones whose pitches are microtonally adjusted to support the desired musical scale.

Experience PureTones

Listen to a short motif in Raga Komal Rishabh Asavari with the PureTones drone accompaniment in the background.

We are actively working on PureTones. At this time, we are releasing works from PureTones in the form of synthesized tracks. These tracks feature both the drone accompaniment as well as patterns and motifs in the supported scales so that you can experience and judge the musical consonance for yourselves. Check out our YouTube channel and Bandcamp page for more.

We feature several different tunings supporting different musical scales to give you an idea of the scope and scale of this tool. We also feature recordings of live performances using PureTones, featuring S Balachander on Chandraveena, to showcase the tool in a live music setting.

Story of PureTones

The idea of PureTones originates from our investigation to understand the workings and the musical potential of the Tanpura (a drone instrument used in Indian Classical music).

Any fan, student or artist of Indian Classical music knows how the resonant and calming tones emitted by the Tanpura provide a rich atmosphere which encourages music, and also supports the reference note, Sa.

A typical Tanpura has 4 strings often tuned as Pa SA SA Sa with Sa representing the fundamental, Pa the fifth and SA the octave. The use of a rounded bridge and a cotton thread inserted between the string and the bridge, causes the contact point of the vibrating string to keep shifting subtly. This makes the Tanpura emit a dispersion of overtones from each string (akin to a prism splitting white light into a rainbow).

An expert artist can finely tune the strings to enable the selected Raga to seamlessly blend in, to the harmonic envelope of the Tanpura. PureTones aims to explore and emulate this capability.

Support PureTones

The tools powering PureTones are still under development. These tracks have been synthesized from a development version. We are eager to bring these tools to the music community. But we need to maintain our methodical approach to research and development in order to create tools which are musically sound, easy to use and provide a stable experience.

Please help us in this process by giving your time to listen to these tracks and leave your valuable feedback. If you like the quality of these tracks, please consider supporting our development efforts by purchasing our tracks on Bandcamp.

If you are a musician or music student with a request for a specific scale or Raga tuned at a specific pitch, or if you wish to record with PureTones, please get in touch. You can reach us at puretones@sadharani.com.

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