What is PureTones?

PureTones is an exploration of Indian Classical music to understand the role of harmonics, microtones and consonance in Indian Ragas and musical scales.

The history of Indian Classical music can be said to start from around 1200 BCE with the singing of passages from Sama Veda. Since then Indian Classical music has evolved and gone through significant developments on its way to its present day form. Through in-depth articles with a variety of samples and musical demonstrations, we have attempted to shed some light on the following important aspects of Indian Classical music:

Experience PureTones

Based on what we learned in putting these articles together, we have created a family of software tools:

All our articles above feature samples and demonstrations which have been created using our tools.

PureTones Audio and Video Channels

Check out our YouTube channel and Bandcamp page. We periodically release works from PureTones in the form of synthesized tracks. These tracks feature both the drone accompaniment as well as patterns and motifs in the supported scales so that you can experience the musical consonance for yourselves.

We feature several different tunings supporting different musical scales to give you an idea of the flexibility of PureTones. We also feature recordings of live performances using PureTones, featuring S Balachander on Chandraveena, to showcase it in a live setting. Here are three sample recordings to showcase the sound of the PureTones applications.

PureTones Drone for Raga Bhoopali Todi

Start by listening to the PureTones drone track which has been fine tuned to suit Raga Bhoopali Todi. Does the drone track suggest Raga Bhoopali Todi to you?

Signature Tune in Raga Bhoopali Todi

Now listen to a signature tune in Raga Bhoopali Todi with the PureTones drone accompaniment in the background. How well do you think the signature tune matches with the drone?

Raga Alapana in Raga Bhoopali Todi on Chandraveena

While the signature tune is just a simple example, you can also listen to S Balachander performing a Raga Alapana with the PureTones drone accompaniment in the background.

Support PureTones

PureTones tools are under development. The recordings above have been synthesized from development versions. We are eager to bring these tools to the music community. Please help us to do so, by giving your valuable time to listen to these tracks and leave your feedback. If you like the quality of these tracks, please consider supporting our development efforts by purchasing our tracks on Bandcamp.

If you are a music student or a musician, please try out our tools (PureTones Drone, PureTones Musical Scale and PureTones Sequencer) and let us know your feedback or requests.

You can reach us at puretones@sadharani.com.

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